A mouthguard is a rubber shield worn over your teeth designed to protect them from damage or trauma usually sustained from sporting activities.

The standard mouthguard available from pharmacies are usually poorly fitted and uncomfortable to wear. BCI Dental Laboratory will custom fit a mouthguard from an impression taken by a dentist. Dental professionals will highly recommend this approach as it is the most effective way of protecting teeth.

A dentist will select either single or dual laminated mouthguard depending on the age of the patient and the activity they require the mouthguard for.

We stock a large number of colours to choose from and can order less popular colours within a couple of days if not in stock.   




A splint is a removable acrylic dental appliance that covers part of or all of the lower or upper teeth.

Splints are usually recommended to patients to help reduce clenching and grinding of teeth also known as bruxism.

Splints can also be used as a non surgical form of relaxing sore and aching jaw muscles. All of which can lead to other serious problems such as severe headaches, ear pain, neck pain, etc as well as causing excessive wear to the teeth. 

Another use for a splint is to protect existing crown and bridge work to ensure a longer life span.

A dentist will select from a range of splints offered from soft dual density to hard acrylic splints depending on the needs of the patient.


Surgical Stents:


Despite significant advances in implant devises and techniques, placing implants still can remain a great challenge. The purpose of a surgical stent is to guide the implant at a pre-planned position and angle. This needs to be easily identified between different stages of the surgery. It is used as an aid for ideal placement of components by the surgeon.   


Bleaching Trays:


BCI Dental Laboratory can fabricate custom fitted bleaching trays from impressions taken from a dentist. The trays are very thin for comfort designed to hold bleach in the teeth whitening process.


Special Trays:


A special tray enables the dentist to produce high precision impression results. They are custom made to fit accurately around restoration area.


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